What is GSI?

"Goods & Services Identification International Center" (GSI), is the only Iranian company in association with "Canada-Iran Economic Industrial and Commercial Development Center Inc."  for registering Iranian companies' goods and services and their classification using SIC coding system.


GSI is the only Iranian company authorized to:
Integrate Domestic Data
We prepare, design and compile identity system and personal status of all economic active persons and all goods and services that are produced, distributed and or consumed by internal economic agencies.
Issue Identity Card
We prepare, design and issue identity card for all items mentioned in para one and to compile the relevant operational systems and to prepare obligations and legal structures for using these identity cards.
Interact & achieve
Creating multimedia communications with organizations, foundations, institutions and other public, private, non-profit, internal and foreign companies for gaining the organizational goals of the company.
Discover Talents
To design and create economics, commercial, industrial and etc. active persons for preparation and presenting various services of commercial, industrial, information and service and … to the members of the network.
Be the Reference
We create database of goods reference and services of Iran.
We register goods and services information of the members in a database in Global Trade database.
Build up a Global Trade Database
We create, run up and guide regional site of Global Trade database
Be Informative
We digitally inform the members in various commercial, business, industrial and … fields.
Develop Social Markets
We design and create virtual marketing and to distribute various items of informative.
We hold and present in fairs, congresses, seminars, and conferences and … inside and outside of the country
R & D
We Plan, research and develop SIC classification codes and to compare it to the other valid codes such as HS, CPC, ISIC and …
Pave the Road
We make effort for institutionalize and paving the bed for use of goods and service coder systems such as SIC, CPC, EAN, and …
We design, produce, export and import software and hardware and operational systems related to the object of company.
We can receive license and agency from foreign companies and organizations and to enter contract with real and legal entities inside and outside of country.
We are able to create and run up branches and operational offices in various location inside and outside of country and to grant agency to real and legal entities.